Sunday, June 25, 2006

SingaLesiaThaiBodia and 'Nam

First things first,
I changed my plans.
Very exciting cuz I had to commit to a date.
Rendez vu at Honoi Vietnam for an inland flight back to Singapore.
Guess I'll have to change my blogs name now.
Too bad, I really liked the sound of Singalesiathaibodia.
Now its going to be crappy sounding SingaLesiaThaiBodiaNam and back.
Argh, the whole thing is ruined... ;-)
What else, please, if you're one of the people Ive met on this trip,
Im an idiot and I forgot to ask you email adres. Please contact me and give me yours, Im simply an idiot. You can also leave a comment on this blog. Preferably something starting with 'Hey dude you're the coolest person...' You know the drill. Seriously though, contact me.
Vaughan, Sara (from Spain), Sara (from Germany), Crazy English Queen of Cancers (should have asked your name), Stockings tattoo meditation girl, Justin, Irish guy.
You know the deal though, we can't promise we'll keep in touch, but minimum is
you can come visit and have a place to sleep in the Netherlands/Belgium maybe even Paris.
Looking forward to that.

Ok, other news. I'm now in Kuala Lumpur. been to Singapore, left yesterday night. Singapore is what Disney's wet dreams must look like. All planned, all ready for tourism and everybody speaks english. Don't ask me what there is to do in Singapore. Got no idea.
I've heard something about a fake island, a night safari, cocktails at some Raffles hotel, many many many malls for everything you could think of buying and the usual 7 Elevens.
The airport was scary. I landed on a Boeing 737 or some, I mean those huge planes with a second floor for christ sake. Got to the passport checking desks and there were no lines.
Not only that, I could choose from 5 different desks. It seems the way Singapore deals with people is overcapacity. I could have had the airport shuttle for myself if it wasnt for the australian guy and his vietnamese wife.
The backapckers place was everything you'd wish for. A good old portion of western comfort in the middle of an asian jungle. Toast and eggs for breakfast instead of squid with noodles. Friendly english speaking staff. Enters Justin. The man. I had belgian chocolates for him given to me by my belgian travel agent and friend named Karel who had been to Singapore in november and knew it was Justins birthday the 23rd and they're going to Madagascar together for the summer and I can see why Karel thinks they're similar and they're both just cool people :-) I liked talking to Justin so he could give me an insider point of view on Singapore. Seems its famous for its diversity in food. And prostitution. Didnt know that. It's so modern you don't expect it to have a sleazy neigbourhood or some. Surely not at the airport where even the free internet computers are empty and begging you to use em.
It seems Singapore is the Switzerland of Asia. No one has a problem with Singapore really. They're friends with everbody and such that they need to visa for most countries, pay no entry fee or get no hassle. I guess the night safari thing just conquered everybody's heart. Also, Justin scratched the backpacker's dream a bit off. Behind the friendly clerks are hard working people who DO have better things to do than clean up our cigarrette butts and magazines and dishes and toilet paper. And though we're just travelers enjoying our freedom, we're still kind of representing our countries and the impression we leave isn't always good. But I'll pay attention to that now, be extra nice to clerks and the local people and say thank you and try not to be rude or disrecpectful.

I tried meditation too but it didnt work out because the stockings tattoo girl was supposed to teach me and the queen of cancers but she seems to have forgotten that because at some point in the temple we wondered where she was and by the time we found her she was way past consciousness or something and I had to meditate on my own. As if.
I closed my eyes, breathed, tried not to fall asleep, focused on my nose or chin or something very not distracting and I barely managed to stop asking myself 'is this working?'.
So I just looked at stockings girls meditating and I couldnt figure out what she was doing so I left and went to chat some more about family guy with the irish dude and the english queen. Apprently you can take a free course of buddhism even in your home country. Something about not speaking for whole days and stuff. Hmm, maybe... I could give it a try. Nothing's too bad when you have your iPod.

Ok I'm really getting carried away here.
Quick summary:

Country - Malaysia
City - Kuala Lumpur
Plans for the day - Visit some caves and find an adaptor for my electic stuff
Slept at - Nighttrain
People of the day - Three canadian girls
Soundtrack - Arctic Monkeys and Donavon Frankenreiter
Lessons Learned - When the taxi driver says 'not worries', start worrying
Clothing - Red Allstars and white hat
Diarrouah - Zero
Gonorrhea - God no
Malaria - The doctor said I only need the pills for Cambodia, other travelers say I'll be dead by the time I left Malesia. Maybe I can get a burqa and walk around like the women; ambulant mosquito nets.

That's it folks,



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